A Healthy Balance

The Five Components of Good Health and overall well-being

These must be balanced for overall well-being

Physical = life, free of sickness or disease, privacy, respect to make our own decisions regarding physical health

Emotional = feelings, thoughts, memories, reflections, empathy, self-respect, respect for our own feelings

Mental = intellect, smarts, thinking, concentration, retention, grit, logic, independence, freedom of thought, respect for our own thoughts

Social = relationships, community, belonging, acceptance, friendship, respect in our own relationships

Spiritual = faith, hope, purpose, belief in a higher power and someone bigger than oneself, respect for our own beliefs

Question – which one of these boxes would you be willing throw away?

Mix these boxes however you wish.   Would you prefer perfect physical health, but no mental health?  What about strong mental health but no physical health? Having emotional and physical strength yet belonging to no group, in no relationships, having no acceptance? Maybe having a strong faith, but having no one to share it with, a part of no congregation or organization that shared your belief system all while inflicted with disease?   Give it a try, mix and match and you decide which part is unimportant?  Which part would you be willing to live without?

Would you be willing to sacrifice one or two of these boxes just to save your physical health? What would your quality of life be?

Would you be willing to sacrifice one or two of these boxes just to save your mental health? What about your emotional health, social, spiritual?

Is quality of life more important that longevity? Is longevity worth the cost of quality of life?

We need all the parts to make up the whole, for a complete and total overall state of well-being and total health all five of these properties need to stay in balance. 

It is quality and longevity that we strive for.