What am I thankful for?

Mountain sunrise
photo – jmelvin

The Sunrise = I have been given one more day

Sorrow = I learned not to take people for granted

Wrinkles = I have had a long life

Laugh lines: I have had much joy in my life 

Grey hair = I have people to worry about 

Sun spots = I was able spend time in nature

Stiff joints = I have been able to run, jump, and play

Bills to pay = I have a home

Attitude = I learned how to ask forgiveness

Stubbornness = I learned that I can’t do everything by myself. I need others

Mistakes = They made me grow

Mercy= I learned humility

Grace = I learned how to forgive others

Acceptance = I leaned how to love 

Love = I learned how to accept others

What are you thankful for?

Sunrise over the meadow
photo – jmelvin

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