Words are Everywhere

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napoleon Hill

In a world of verbiage and social media where everyone has a voice and a platform it is important to remember that words are powerful.

My yellow rose of Texas, Lubbock, TX

 Words are everywhere.   They are the easiest thing to give away but impossible to take back.

They surround us, follow us, and haunt us.

They save us and they destroy us.

They come in our dreams and sift away like smoke in the wind.

They enchant us, empower us, charm us, and impoverish us.

Words come to us when our passions are strong and leave us when are emotions are weak.

Words are powerful and sublime.

They are humiliating and humbling.

Words are strength and words are weakness.

We use words to get what we want and to escape what we deserve.   Words were there at our first breath but escape us at our last.Words are always there.

Except when they are not.

Moon rising, Lubbock, TX

The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18

Words become useless at your mother’s grave as you watch the coffin sink into the ground.

Words were gone as you sat on the opposite side of the lawyer’s desk and ended the life that you had shared together.

Words composed the declaration of war and the treaty of peace. But were ominously absent when the last soldier came home and his mother lay her head on his casket.

“Four things come not back. The sped arrow, the past life, the neglected opportunity, and the spoken word.” – Arabian proverb

Words inspire and discourage

Words build up and tear down

Words enlighten and flatter

Words insult and disgrace

Words protect and promote in truth and in lie

Words profess our love and declare our hate

Words create deception and redemption

Words are the cause, the prevention, and the cure

Words are vicious and sweet

Words are tools and weapons

Words set to music stir our emotion

Words set to rhyme give us cause

Words are symbolic and ambiguous

Words bring despair and damnation

Words bring us hope and the salvation of our souls

Billboard I-20, Fort Worth, TX

A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger. – Proverbs 15:1Words are everywhere choose yours carefully someone is always listening

 “Of all the weapons of destruction that man could invent, them most terrible and the most powerful was the word. Daggers and spears left traces of blood, arrows could be seen at a distance. Poisons were detected in the end and avoided. But the word managed to destroy without leaving clues.” – Paul Coelho 


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